The HFK Campus provides added value by offering knowledge, continuing education, and multidisciplinary competencies.

Our clients can select and benefit from a variety of formats.

Legal consulting must keep up with the latest developments. At the HFK Campus, we are using the findings from research and science in order to continuously adapt our services to changing requirements. Our program ranges from foundational offerings to the latest legal topics, from changes in legislation to new contract types, for instance in connection with new technologies (BIM). We offer professional development for engineers and business people (foundations and specific topics), and all programs can lead to additional professional qualifications. The HFK Campus bundles our law firm’s long-standing and broad competence network and promotes discussions with specialist lawyers, academics, and industry experts. Based thereon, HFK lawyers not only develop new, innovative procedures but they also share this valuable knowledge with their clients and partners, including those working in technical areas. We feel that, as HFK lawyers, it is our duty to actively engage in research and development because creative ideas and innovation, such as comprehensive legal support for construction projects from start to finish, have been the hallmark of our firm since day one.

Our Campus Program

HFK Science

Knowledge transfer at a high level

Publishing for practitioners

For us, science means to continuously develop new, creative  ideas into something that can be implemented in our professional practice. We draw from an extensive academic network   and from our cooperation with the renowned legal experts. 

HFK Seminars

Professional development for additional qualifications

We will bring you up-to-date

 HFK lawyers offer internal and external professional development seminars on current legal topics. Ranging from the latest legal developments, changes in legislation, new contract types, and management techniques.

HFK Events

Personal interactions and networking

Enriching encounters

HFK lawyers engage in open communication with clients and experts from a broad variety of areas. For us, dialogue and discussions are an important source of inspiration for new ideas and our own professional development.

Publications and papers

HFK lawyers are sought-after keynote speakers, and their published lectures and papers on the most pressing legal questions spark a great deal of interest, not only in the legal community. For HFK, working on research projects in partnership with universities and post-secondary institutions is a long-standing tradition that was initiated by our founders, Prof. Wolfgang Heiermann and Prof. Horst Franke.
By engaging in regular interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, HFK Science supports our firm with high-level quality assurance. We are always up-to-date on the latest developments in legal science and research, and are thus able to continuously enhance our services. Of course we also make the results and developments available directly to our clients, through our publications, events, lectures, or personal collaboration.


Personal interaction is part of our firm’s DNA, from specialized presentations in a concentrated work setting to sophisticated social events. Moreover, we are also always in dialogue with important political, business, and social leaders.


Our professional development program for engineers and business people also leads to an additional professional qualification. We will bring you and your staff up-to-date. At the same time, we are developing a post-secondary course that allows participants to graduate with a Certificate of Laws.