The best solutions often require new paths and innovative products.

In addition to our legal services, we offer a high-caliber interdisciplinary network.

HFK Project seeks to minimize risks and protect those responsible for the project. The goal is to avoid conflicts and higher costs.

With this in mind, our lawyers have developed the HFK product ‘B.I.K.E.’, which stands for interdisciplinary conflict and decision management for construction projects (Baubegleitendes interdisziplinäres Konflikt- und Entscheidungsmanagement). This risk management tool provides another layer of safety in the decision-making process. Moreover, by bundling competences across various disciplines, costs can often be reduced. We practice this interdisciplinary collaboration with engineers, builders, business people, and experts from a variety of areas. From this broad experience with complex issues, we develop holistic solutions and specific recommendations. We believe that the most successful cases are settled by mutual agreement prior to having to go to court.

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