HFK has been a leader in its field since 1974.

We have developed the concept of supporting clients with legal advice throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

The foundations were laid by our founding members, Prof. Wolfgang Heiermann, Prof. Horst Franke, and Bernd Knipp. Building on this foundation and a wealth of competence and experience, HFK was grown into one of the best law firms for real estate, public procurement, and planning law.

Time and again, clients entrust us with their most difficult and biggest projects. HFK’s strength lies in the variety of individuals who join together in accordance with the needs of a case or of the firm to form a hands-on, hard-working team that is optimally suited for the job. We also accept unusual challenges, and our capabilities extend well beyond the legal craft. Using creative ideas and well-founded knowledge to find the best solution is our mandate, which we embrace and for which we take personal responsibility. Credibility and transparency inform everything we do. With their unique and holistic approach to legal consulting and individual project support, HFK lawyers will show their clients the direct path to success.

For us, creating personal relationships is key

For the lawyers at HFK, direct and personal relationships are of utmost importance. They allow us to be fast and efficient in our work. Our firm’s organizational structure promotes direct lines of communication and allows for expert teams to be assembled quickly when and as needed. We take a pragmatic, efficient, and transparent approach to solving cases for our clients. We see ourselves as being part of your team and your project.

We have extensive experience with challenging projects

HFK lawyers are hired for the biggest and most difficult projects in Germany. This means an enormous amount of responsibility for us, but also a great opportunity to further grow our experience in a variety of areas, from major railway projects and spectacular train station buildings to opera houses and other top investments in Germany. However, the size of a project is not the decisive factor for us. We also enjoy the challenge of smaller construction projects, which we like to take on with full concentration and energy.

Our project teams are specialized in solving complex tasks

HFK lawyers work as a team and bundle their competences and experience. Thanks to our firm’s unconventional structure, we are able to put together highly specialized teams when and as needed. This allows us to optimize our legal practice and cover all areas, and to solve any questions and problems that spring up out of the blue in the shortest possible time. Within our firm, we have exactly the right expert for any question. 
Our clients will automatically gain access to this internal competence network at HFK. 

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