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Legal Notices

Mandatory information pursuant to Sec. 5 of the German Tele Media Act [Telemediengesetz; TMG] and other notices:

Name an legal form
HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP. HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership under the Laws of England and Wales, established in accordance with the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000, in which the personal liability of the individual members is limited.

Notices regarding the legal form
At HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP the term “Partner” refers o a member of HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP and to individuals holding a comparable position and qualification, who are not members of HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP.

A list of members is available for inspection at the registered head office of HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP c/o Miller Rosenfalck LLP, Aylesbury House, 17-18 Aylesbury Street, London, EC1R 0DB, England (UK), or at the management office in 60313 Frankfurt a. M., Stephanstr. 3. The members of HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP who are authorized to represent the firm by themselves are:
Bernd Knipp, Dr. Christian Nunn, Ernst Wilhelm, Wulf Clausen, Dietmar Hartnick, Armin Heisiep, Dr. Florian Schrammel, Dr. Jörg Stoye, Patricia Schauss

Registered office and registration:
The firm’s registered office is in London. It is registered in the commercial register or England and Wales at the Companies House in Cardiff/Wales under number OC359809 and its registered business address is HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP c/o Miller Rosenfalck LLP, Aylesbury House, 17-19 Aylesbury Street, London, EC 1R ODB, England (UK). The firm’s office in Frankfurt a. M. is registered a the Frankfurt a. M. local court under PR 1903.

Participation in dispute resolution in consumer-related matters
The European Commission provides a platform for extrajudicial online dispute resolution (OS platform) at However, HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP are neither required nor willing to participate in the dispute resolution proceedings of a consumer mediation organization.

Accreditation/supervisory authority
The lawyers working for the firm are – unless expressly specified otherwise – members of the following bar association which are the supervisory authorities in charge of them:
Lawyers at the office in Frankfurt a. M., Bar Association for the Higher Regional Court District Frankfurt a. M. Bockenheimer Anlage 3, 60322 Frankfurt a. M., Federal Republic of Germany, Ph.: +49 (0) 69 / 17 00 98-01, Fax: +49 (0) 69 / 17 00 98-50

Lawyers at the office in Berlin Bar Association Berlin Littenstrasse 9, 10179 Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany, Ph.: +49 (0) 30 / 30 69 31-0, Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 30 69 31-99

Lawyers at the office in Munich Bar Association for the Higher Regional Court District Munich, Landwehrstrasse 61, 80336 Munich, Federal Republic of Germany, Ph.: +49 (0) 89 / 53 29 44-0, Fax: +49 (0) 89 / 53 29 44-28

Lawyers at the office in Hamburg Hanseatic Bar Association Hamburg, Bleichenbrücke 9, 20354 Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany, Ph.: +49 (0) 40 / 35 74 41-0, Fax: +49 (0) 40 / 35 74 41-41

Lawyers at the office in Stuttgart Bar Association Stuttgart, Königstrasse 14, 70173 Stuttgart, Ph.: 07 11 / 22 21 55-0, Fax: 07 11 / 22 21 55-11

Lawyers at the office in Düsseldorf Bar Association Düsseldorf, Freiligrathstrasse 25, 40479 Düsseldorf, Ph.: 02 11 / 49502-0, Fax: 02 11 / 49502-28

Professional designations/professional rules
The lawyers at the law firm of HFK Rechtsanwälte were awarded the professional designation of “lawyer” (Federal Republic of Germany) based on federal German legal standards after having passed the 2nd bar exam [juristische Staatsprüfung] and completed a special accreditation procedure. The professional designation was initially awarded by the Ministry of Justice through the president of the higher regional court with jurisdiction for their respective place of business, or, following the change in the legal situation implemented on 08 September 1998, by the respective local bar association. They are subject to the professional regulations provided for in the Federal Lawyers’ Act [Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO)], the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act [Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG)], the professional and specialist lawyers’ regulations of the Federal Bar Association [Berufs- und Fachanwaltsordnungen der Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (BORA 2001 and FAO)] as well as the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Community (CCBE – Professional Code of Conduct).

The rules governing the exercise of the profession can be found at

Berufsregeln für Notare
The relevant professional regulations are the Federal Notary Regulation [Bundesnotarordnung (BNotO)], the Notarization Act [Beurkundungsgesetz (BeurkG)], the Directives of the Chambers of Notaries, the Official Regulations of the Chambers of Notaries [Dienstordnung für Notare (DONot)], the Regulation on Costs [Kostenordnung (KostO)], and the European und the European Code governing the notarial profession. All texts are available via the Federal Chamber of Notaries [Bundesnotarkammer] at

Professional liability insurance
R+V Versicherung AG, Raiffeisenplatz 1, 65193 Wiesbaden. The federal liability insurance also includes extended coverage abroad. In this context, the insurance protection also covers all activities undertaken by our offices across all locations. However, this does not include liability claims from activities through firms set up maintained in other states (with the exclusion of Austria/Vienna)

Insurance coverage
Liability insurance for pecuniary damages for lawyers pursuant to Sec. 51 BRAO, and liability insurance for pecuniary damages for notaries pursuant to Sec. 19a BNotO.

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